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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 26, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the second fire in less than a week erupted on mare island sending block smoke into the air. firefighters had to face harsh reality over water resources because the napa earthquake damaged the water main. >> thanks for joining us. you are looking at video of the fire sent to us by retired vallejo firefighter. they had to call ahead to get water resources to the scene. matt, the cloud looks toxic? they gave me a mask to put on because of the possibility of
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cancer causing toxins. firefighters are still here since 8:45. the sunday earthquake damaged several water mains creating one important extra step for firefighters before they get to the scene. this abandoned naval shipyard commissary on mare island does not have real value but the firefighters wanted a better view from the outside of the building. >> we have a homeless could contingency on mare island. we did a senator -- search to make sure there were no victims. >> the firefighters blasted water from the outside. that is if because as our camera rolled an air conditioning unit collapsed in the building. water could have been an issue. the earthquake on sunday damaged dozens of wart mains thousand -- throughout vallejo including on mare island. on the way they contacted water department. if this is a damaged water main
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at the fire the city will pump water from a different source to the hydrant. when they arrive they on the high dramatic to make sure it is working before they hookup the hose. >> we can isolate the main and supply the water we needed. that was a help. since the earthquake it has been nice to see the different divisions of the city coming together supporting each other and see the system work. >> no utilities were hooked up so the cause is suspicious and they do not believe it was related at all to the aftershocks. a series of aftershocks put a last residents on edge this morning. the strongest was a 3.9 that woke up a lot people. leyla gulen has the latest. we just had one a few minute s ago registered at 2.5 and an early one registering at
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2.0 and 3.30 at 6:45 so it is still very active in napa. most are centered around southwest of napa and you can see an indication on the map the sessions yellow, red, green. the red is indicating where the stronger aftershocks have been help and the green are the weaker over the course of 24 hours and these are going to be the most recent we experienced with the strongest 3.9 at 5:33. it was felt in north berkeley but not in petaluma but there were folks in parts of the east bay that felt it along the peninsula so it it is shaking nerves across the bay area. the usgs released this map showing 1,400 people reported feeling the aftershocks. the blue represents the area where people reported feeling shaking from clear rake to san
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jose. we talked to an expert from the usgs and he said it is not over. >> yesterday, the probability of a 5 aftershock was 25 percent, one in four chance. that chance now is probably lower today but we are going to see more aftershocks. looking at the aftershocks, so far, there have been no reports of agirl damage. the first and strongest aftershock hit near american canyon. >> we had a relatively big one a 3.9 aftershock and now we just had one at 6:12, a 2.8. >> a lot of people felt the shaking and have been calling the newsroom. >> it was a strong jolt getting ready for the day and i felt the jolt and the shaking. >> the house started shaking
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going around in a circle like it did the first earthquake. many our twitter followers tweeted us and some felt several of the earthquakes and others only the 3.9 but not the smaller ones and all say the shaking lasted were shorter time than it did on sunday. few reported anything falling off the shelves. the leader of the city familiar with the earthquakes toured the damage in napa. san francisco mayor offered to help. katie marzullo is in napa. katie? >> yes, the mayor of napa and others were led to the sites like this. how quickly the scenery can change this fencing wasn't here 30 minutes ago and it just went up to keep people further away from the rubble. people are walking by to see it. seeing it on tv and in pictures is one thing but witnessing it in person is totally different.
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>> to rebuild they have to tear down. >> san francisco mayor three takes on tour in downtown napa a jaw dropping sight. >> i express my spoors and people are work around the clock. >> the major hopes state wednesday will pitch in, saying napa and strap are tightly limited by tourism. >> i will ask volunteers, ask for donations and for corporate citizens to be condition rouse in their time and their resources to help people in napa and vallejo. >> not far away --. >> win the earthquake happened it was more raised but it was tilting and yesterday at 5:30 there was a big hole so it contained in. >> broken water main creating the exception hole but learning neighbors high and dry. no water since sunday.
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>> it is not too bad because we go camping a lot. it is easy. we have a pool if our back yesterday is we use that to flush the toilets. >> neighbors expect water to be restored by wednesday and repairs are underway. >> another earthquake impact for 15-year-old would has in school so far this week. she said she wasn't losing any sleep over it but the 3.the afghanistan woke her up and scareder because she is shaken up from sunday. that is understandable. >> engineers will inspect a weakened church people tower to see if the workers need to demolish more of the structure. the video shows crewing cleaning up at this hour at the first baptist church, a brick by brick job. the cleanup involve reduce the height of the tower by 3' last night. officials closed part of the boulevard afters par tore said
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-- the pastor said it posed a hazard. it has we tremendous fitting in the 1990s. >> aftershocks this morning caused concern long highway 29 in napa. the highway patrol closed a southbound lane on highway 29 at the butler bridge. we showed you the inspection scene and they believe which has been some settlement of the soil if that area. no damage to the highway bridge has been determined yet, but c.h.p. does not know when the lane will re-open. >> sky 7 spotted a possible water line break in a napa neighborhood. the water is bubbling through large cracks in the asphalt on homewood avenue. crews said they are still fixing 90 leaks in the area and it will take a few more days before full service is restored. >> here is the earthquake damage to a tasting room facing main
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street in downtown napa. you can see the upper-right corner of the building crashed to the sidewalk in a pile of rubble along with a few ones and other debris. to give you perspective of the severe damage to the building, here is what it looked like before the photo tastes on facebook just a few months ago. take a look at in gigantic pile of garbage, the remnants of items that belong to napa residents before the powerful evening. people in napa worked so hard to clear away the debris and start over and sky 7 was overhead at napa high school and this is one of several drop off points in the city. napa has expanded the list of locations for people to go and we have a full list on our website at >> team of worker from the state licensing board and the state department of insurance are standing out across napa -- fanning out across napa talking
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about unlicenseed insurance adjusters. they are warned about fraudulent people who are working around, damaged areas. the regulator of the state construction industry is unking residents to only hire state licensed contractors for repair work. >> if news in napa, hundreds of tourists are ready to board the wine train for the first time sin the evening. service resumed today after the quake brought the train to a stop. sky 7 shows the train station and an official says the first train leaves in half an hour at 11:30 this morning. they have 220 passengers booked for the launch tour and they will go on a three-hour journey through 18 months of beautiful wipe country. >> there has been no damage at veterans home in california where many residents of disabled. we received many of your e-mails asking about the welfare of the residents and we are happy to
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tell you they are all okay. >> the county is partly resuming public services today and the planning and building department will re-open at 1:00 o'clock in the county administration building on 3rd street. public works will also be open along with the assessor and the recorder and county clerk. they were relocated to the same building and all county libraries remain closed. we have posted the full let of service for you on our website at >> inspectors of surveying the last ten of the 30 schools in napa valley school district that are closed after the earthquake. officials say 20 of the 30 district sites have been inspected and pronounced "safe." most after school activities are called off but at napa and american canyon football and cross country practices go on as scheduled. school officials are expected to announce around 1:00 o'clock whether classes are held tomorrow and which schools. classedry assumed today at two high schools.
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>> people are going to need a lost help recovering from the earthquake. the red cross is pitching in to provide critically need a. if you would like to give where you live you can make a ten dollar donation by texting "red cross," to 90999. >> we will have continuing coverage of the napa earthquake and a photo gallery of the damage and tips on preparing for the next disaster. you can get breaking news alerts by following us on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea . there is much more ahead including a fire that breaks out next to a san francisco gas station and the definite stating impact. >> good news for northern california residents chased from their homes by a much larger fire.
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>> the lights on the bay bridge are off after unspecified issues. caltran says they are trying to figure out the source of the problem. you can see there are long lines at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the backup. it extends west. the backup on 80 goes all the way to cu tting boulevard cross ing into san francisco and the backup on 580 steps to park. drivers are urged to find another option or considering
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different transit. >> investigators want to know what sparked a scary fire that drove 23 people from their homes in san francisco inside a service station at ocean and san jose avenues. the flames spread to two adjoining apartment builds in the middle of the night. no one was hurt. residents were worried about this. >> we are alive. that is most important. we want to be thankful for that. >> we had oils and fluids mixing with the water that got into the gutter system. the fire department adds that the fire never threatened the gas pumps at the service station and red cross are helping displaced residents. officials have lifted evacuation orders for 200 forced from their homes by a major wildfire in northern california. fours say the oregon fire open highway 299 in trinity county is 60 percent contained.
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the fire has burned 580 acres and damaged one structure after starting sunday afternoon. the cause is not known. mike is on assignment and leyla gulen is here with the forecast. it will be a muscle day. we are looking at complete sunshine over san francisco. look at that, from the sutro tower camera to the golden gate bridge and the marin head lands so this is sunshine and lingering clouds inland and it is a warming trend just ahead so later this week i will have the seven-day forecast coming up. than you. an update on the race to fix the field at levi stadium in santa clara. all roads lead to burning man. how is the music festival going after an unfor
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covering benicia, san ramon and and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. for the second time in less than a week the 49ers are ripping up the field at levi stadium. you can see every inch of the sod has been torn up. our media pans say they will install a new field this weekend possibly with a different kind of grass. on thursday players were tripping over divets. they hope to have the new field ready by september 6. >> we win. that saw we care about. >> there is a joy amendments gape at home. a beautiful day but you could need the jacket. right now, the clouds are russia
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-- shrinking. we have dry conditions. at burning ban, it is looking dry. our temperatures are 71 degrees. the rest of the week is dry. plenty sunshine. our current temperatures are in the upper 60's long the peninsula to lower 70's and 66 in friend and 64 in santa rosa and 75 in antioch and 68 in the south by. over the next few hours in the afternoon the clouds remaining will be dissipating and the sunshine will follow in the afternoon and you can expect 80's inland and 60 along the coast. our radar satellite is showing the low-to-upper to the south is going to be pulling up a little bit but it is replaced by the ridge of high pressure later on this week is you will see a bit of a heat wave as we head toward
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friday with cooler temperatures over the weekend. the highs today are 80 in san jose and along the peninsula, 80, and 69 in downtown san francisco and 83 at calistoga and 75 in castro valley. inland areas, 86 in pittsburg and 89 this redwood city and live more and 85 degrees with a game tonight at at&t park taking on the colorado rockies. 66 degrees to get us going by the end of the game and it will be in the lower 60's with gusts up to 20 miles per hour so bring the jacket. it could be chilly. lows will burn off and you will be in the lower 50's to mid- mid-60's. the warmup show the highest temperature on thursday and you
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will see 90 degrees remaining over the weekend. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> now, let's talk about burning man festival which re-open at 6:00 this morning after heavy rains year forced it to shut down for the first time in its history. storms rolled through the black rock desert in nevada and thousands were turned after many spending the night in wal-mart parking lots and casinos in reno. now a look at desert where 60,000 people have converged for the week long festival -- yes, it is the desert; dry -- some got in before the gets were closed. >> still ahead, hollywood honors the stars of television and the winner is ... a hit abc show tying the big record
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congratulations. this is the fifth emmy for outstanding comedy taking the rise each year it has been on the air! that is tying a record winning we street. "breaking bad," got best drama. and jim parsons won the fourth emmy for best actor in a comedy. and besting a stress was from "veep." >> congratulations to the winners. before we leave we want to let you know that the bay bridge metering situation is continuing so the traffic is backed up
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